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The US Elections - Great American show

Analysis of the US Elections shows that the American elections as well as American democracy is an illusion for the citizens of the United States and the rest of the world...

At the beginning of 2012 one in five American adults was not listed on the voter lists

Were held the ordinary presidential election in the "most democratic" country in the world. The elections won the acting head of the White House, the Democratic candidate Barack Obama. A leading US newspaper The New York Times has reported that a Democratic victory provided by voters with non-traditional sexual orientation.

According to sociologists in the publication, Obama received votes three times more gays and lesbians than his main opponent, Republican Mitt Romney, and that decided the outcome of the elections. The Statue of Liberty once again acted as sample of tolerance and democracy. It shows to the world what an important role play minorities in the live in each country.

Meanwhile, the elections themselves are exceptionally outrageous, causing a lot of questions from experts and observers. It all began with the refusal of Texas to provide access of OSCE observers to polling stations. Attorney Greg Abbott warned observers that if they get close to polling stations closer than 100 feet they can be prosecuted. According to the Texas authorities, foreign organizations have no right to interfere in the US electoral process.

To resolve the situation the Director of the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights Janusz Lenarcic complained Hillary Clinton and explained as a member of the OSCE the United States should not allow observers from this organization to monitor their elections.

Vladimir Churov, the head of Russia's Central Election Commission, said before the elections that the US electoral system can't be considered as a model for other states. In his opinion the elections in this country are not direct, general and equal, also does not provide the secret ballot.

Indeed, the US legislation, according to which the president is elected by an electoral college (the number of electors from each state equals the number of its representatives in Congress), has repeatedly led to the fact that the US president is the candidate who receives fewer votes. George Bush won the election in 2000, but won by half a million votes less than his opponent Al Gore. Bush supported by 271 electors and that was enough to win.

In addition according Russian CEC at the beginning of 2012 one in five American adults was not listed on the voter lists, and information about the 24 million voters were inaccurate. The list also had about 2 million "dead souls" that could well influence the outcome of a vote. Group of activists in the Republican primaries in 2012 in the state of New Hampshire, without presenting any documents received ballots to the names of members, but dead members of the Democratic Party. It shows the unreliability of the American system of voter registration.

A similar incident was possible by the fact that in many US states when during the registration to vote is sufficient to show a receipt for payment of utilities or any certificate, which contains the name of the voter. In the state of North Dakota the registration procedure was canceled. "The voting system in North Dakota, including the lack of voter registration, due to the fact that the US population is mainly rural, and the electoral commissions personally know the voters," - noted on web-site of the state government.

It is impossible to imagine that in Russia, which is so often criticized by American human rights activists, people came to vote without passport. This is clearly the prerogative of the US to know that is democratic and what is not.

Meanwhile, representatives of the State Duma and the Public Chamber of Russia the OSCE observers took part for the first time in the US elections. Conclusions of the Russian representatives are clear: the American electoral system does not meet the international standards of elections. Among the violations identified by the observers the use of administrative resources, campaigning on election day violations of working with lists, failures in the complex processing of ballots, poor organization of voting, the disproportionate coverage of candidates in the media, an unprecedented large role in the financial aspect of the organization of the elections. "The US criticized our system in this election. However, as it turned out, their system can hardly be called democratic... By European standards there is a lot of work," - said Giorgi Fedorov, who worked an election observer in the US from the Public Chamber of Russia.

Few people know that in the US presidential election except Obama and Romney participated Gary Johnson as candidate from Libertarian Party and Jill Stein as candidate from Green Party. Potentially they had a chance to win. In addition to Stein and Johnson in several states were represented by more than 20 politicians who fought for the US presidency, but have not been able to win more than 270 votes which needed to win.

The US Constitution according to which each state have its own election laws and its own criteria for inclusion of candidates on the ballot. Each party or candidate is required to ensure getting to the ballot in each state, which cannot make any party except the Democratic and Republican.

If in Russia each candidate is provided on state television channels strictly regulated time for political agitation, in the US there is no such system, and the candidates themselves pay for their presence in the media. Obama and Romney on the campaign trail in 2012 spent a billion dollars to promote their candidates and it becomes clear why the names of other candidates people learn only at the polls. According to George Fedorov, due to the high role of the financial side of American politicians are puppets of corporations willing to pay large sums of money for the promotion of their interests.

The best description of the US system belongs to Russian businessman Viktor Bout, who is serving a 25-year prison sentence in the United States on charges of smuggling weapons. In his opinion, the elections in the US have a choice between the "Coca-Cola and Pepsi". "It was more of a selection than election. Both candidates belong to the corporate party of Wall Street. Both would suit the war. Both would send drones to kill people in other countries. Both would have to cope with a crumbling economy," - said Bout.

Russian businessman who illegally extradited to the United States expressed the main feature of the American political system: no matter what the elections are held in the US and who wins them - the country's policy remains the same. That is the goal and implements the US electoral system, blocking any views and thoughts that do not conform to the party line Republicans or Democrats and not allowing them to power system.

Analysis of the election system of the US shows that the American elections as well as American democracy is an illusion for the citizens of the United States and the world. Decorations of politicians and presidents hidden dictatorship of finance capital, which, through the political system allows the realization of their interests. In order to maintain confidence in the people every four years the US arranged a show called "Presidential elections in the US" which involves a charismatic personality with Hollywood smiles and memorized speeches.

Instilling to the world the principles of democracy which is characterized by a regular change of ruling elites, and maintaining continuity of government in their country, the United States create a competitive advantage over other countries in terms of government. Only the keeping power for a long time allows to make strategic planning and to achieve long-term goals.

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