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Washington out of touch with reality

Syria pulled off Washington democratic mask

President Obama loses his face

The situation in Syria became critical. Since the use of chemical weapons near Damascus Washington has been making political and military preparations to attack the troops of Bashar al-Assad. Ignoring international law and the UN Security Council, U.S. politicians are calling for war.

As U.S. aircraft carriers and destroyers are pulled together to the shores of Syria, the public becomes aware of new details of the provocation organized by Syrian rebels on August 21. According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, videos with the victims of the chemical attack which were actively replicated in the world media were filmed a few days before the incident.

In Moscow they paid attention to the information of the abbess of St. James monastery Mother Agnes-Mariam Salib. According to her, the media started giving materials about the tragedy at 06:05 a.m. on 21 August, and the chemical attack broke out between 3:00 and 05:00 a.m. It was impossible to transfer more than 300 young people and 200 children in one place in the contaminated area, give them first aid and interview them by the time of publishing the video content online.

The abbess also provides information about the tragedy in Latakia where in early August Islamic extremists committed a massacre. The victims of the attack was about 500 people, many of them women, children and the elderly, a large number of children were kidnapped. The cause of extremists' aggression against the civilian population was lack of the residents' support of the so-called Syrian opposition. Apparently, the kidnapped children in Latakia were killed and their bodies were used in the preparation of chemical attack videos.

A simple question is kept out, for what purpose it was necessary to Assad to use chemical weapons. After all, as the American president has repeatedly stated, it is the only reason that will push Washington to the use of military force. And the situation on the fronts began to emerge in favor of the government troops. Syrian army was backed by Kurdish militia, the rebels were losing one town after another. Obviously, only opposition which initially staked on terrorist methods of struggle had a motive.

Unfortunately, these facts are of no interest to western and biased regional media which are only interested in the promotion of false information.

At the same time, more and more countries are distancing themselves from Washington and refuse to participate in any possible aggression. As a result of G-20 summit, the vast majority of participants argued for a political settlement of the Syrian conflict. They include Russia, China, India, Indonesia, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa and Italy. Even the most loyal Washington's ally Great Britain banned the use of its air force bases by the U.S. in operations against Damascus. The British air base in Cyprus and the long-range strategic aviation base of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean were also put under the ban.

In the United States not a single day goes by without an anti-government demonstration. According to recent reports, no more than 12% of U.S. citizens would support the invasion into Syria despite the one-sided coverage of the situation in the official media.

A speech of one of the most militant U.S. Senators John McCain was interrupted by a Syrian woman Joumana Hadeed. She said that the gunmen in Syria killed her 18-year-old cousin. According to her, it is not the Syrians that are fighting against the army of Bashar al-Assad, but mercenaries from all over the world. "It is unacceptable that the country would turn into another Iraq or Afghanistan," - said the Syrian woman.

At another McCain's meeting with voters another Republican argued against the U.S. policies. "You're lying to Americans about chemical weapons in Syria. We Americans know that some of the responsibility for this lies with our government. There is strong evidence, even videos from which it becomes clear that it was the work of Al-Qaeda," - the man said to the senator.

All these facts indicate that the U.S. administration broke away from reality and lost touch not only with the international community, but with their own citizens as well. Rejecting an independent international investigation of chemical attacks in Syria and calling for a solution to the conflict with a position of power the United States are finally losing the image of a human rights defender and a halo of justice.

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