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U.S. generals doubt the wisdom of war in Syria

... and the White House is afraid of possible risks

General Martin Dempsey

"Now the situation in Syria is under control of radical Islamists, and any assistance from the United States will only empower their position. And these are the extremist groups that the U.S. fought in Iraq and is still fighting in Afghanistan."

This phrase was said by the US chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin Dempsey in an interview with CNN in mid-July.

Retired General and former head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Richard Myers had previously made a comment. According to it, large-scale military operations against the Syrian army can turn into huge losses for the attacking side, i.e. for the United States. His concerns relate primarily to the fact that the Syrian army has modern and effective air defense systems and other weapons.

However, the U.S. Department of Defense intends to apply a strong and long lasting blow on Syria. According to The Los Angeles Times, the Pentagon now expects to conduct a military operation within three days.

The publication notes that to meet the new requirements of the presidential administration the U.S. military began to study the possibility of using bombers in the Syrian operation in addition to the five warships which are now in the eastern Mediterranean. According to the U.S. command, this should reduce the losses in manpower.

However, not all representatives of the senior military leadership of the country believe in the feasibility of such an operation. Independent journalists managed to get the comments of senior U.S. generals on condition of anonymity. Thus, commenting on the plans of their command "off the record" the military say, that it is, at least, too late to conduct such an operation. The whole world is discussing the plans of the White House, and analysts predict what decision Congress will take on Syria. In this situation it is almost impossible to achieve the element of surprise which is particularly important when it comes to a short-term campaign. Besides, in recent weeks the Syrian military command considerably dispersed military units across the country trying to minimize the damage from a possible US attack.

Moreover, the Americans are already rather tired of endless wars involving the United States. They no longer believe in the "defense of democracy and freedom". According to recent data, 51 percent of Americans oppose the new military campaign, even if it will be limited.

The military themselves do not understand what they are fighting for, they lack motivation. Many feel that they are used for the advantage of the rich sheikhs from Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Professional soldiers just got tired of the politicians sitting in their offices, constantly changing plans without consulting with those who will actually realize these plans.

Washington also recognizes that the existing "risks are numerous." This was announced by the White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough. "One of them is to be drawn into the epicenter of the ongoing civil war in Syria," said the official, pointing to the possible consequences of the U.S. operation.

Although the vote in Congress for the operation against Damascus is now postponed indefinitely, the preparations for a possible war are in full swing. It was reported about the unscheduled activity on the Turkish Incirlik Air Force Base. Israel placed the air defense system Iron Dome near Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Apparently, America's allies are sure that Congress will take "the correct" decision. Although, according to statistics, the congressmen usually listen to public opinion and not the opinion of the U.S. administration.

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