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Gas attack in Syria was organized by rebels

A former prisoner of Syrian rebels recounted the events on August 21 near Damascus ...

Pierre Piccinin

U.S. President Barack Obama in an interview with U.S. media said he believes the Russian proposal to establish international control over chemical weapons in Syria is a potential "breakthrough." According to him, Washington is ready to take a break in the plans for a full-scale military operation.

"This will not complete the ongoing terrible conflict in Syria. But if we can achieve this particular goal without a military operation, that is overwhelmingly my preference," said Obama, whose ratings fell to a record low level on Monday.

After Obama's interview, the media reported that Senate postponed a vote on Syria scheduled for September 11 for an unspecified period of time. According to the American press, neither the Republican nor the Democratic Party has unity regarding the advisability of a military operation in Syria.

Meanwhile, the gas attack incident on August 21 that the United States tried to use as a pretext for intervention in Syria acquires new details. Belgian scientist Pierre Piccinin da Prata who was recently bought out of captivity from the Syrian rebels said the gas attack near Damascus was organized by Islamist militants, not Bashar al-Assad's troops. The scientist said on Belgian TV that, when in prison, he heard the militants talking about the preparation of a gas attack. Their aim was to provoke a foreign invasion.

It is worth noting that earlier the scientist supported the Syrian opposition, and not the Assad government. Pierre Piccinini and Italian journalist Domenico Quirico (the newspaper La Stampa) were captured by militants near Damascus in April this year.

The scientist also said that insurgents used him and Quirico for various performances including filming of staged executions. Later videos hit the Internet through a variety of video hosting Services such as YouTube.

According to Piccinin, the so-called opposition Free Syrian Army is currently tittering on the brink of collapse.

Piccinin said in an interview with La Libre Belgique that the Army’s militant groups, who used to fight bravely for democracy, are now breaking apart, with some insurgents going back home, some joining the radical al-Nusra Front, and yet others staying. But those who choose to fight on, he added, are more bandit than Islamist.

According to the scientist, any foreign interference in Syria is "meaningless and groundless." "Whom to support now? I have always advocated the Syrian Free Army which included serious people, former military officers, and deserters, to support the revolution. We did not help them by giving the situation in the hands of thousands of Islamist groups supported by Gulf monarchies. Now there are only groups of bandits. It's too late to support anyone."

On the background of the Syrian conflict Barack Obama's foreign policy ratings has fallen to a record low level. Only 40% of Americans support the foreign policy pursued by the current president of the United States, 57% consider it a failure. About 60% of Americans also oppose military intervention in Syria.

On Monday, the president of the United States attempted to regain the trust of the citizens and gave an interview to American media the purpose of which was to persuade compatriots in the feasibility of the White House intentions on Syria. However, the President's words only caused a new wave of criticism against him. According to world news agencies, the Obama administration's attempt to regain its face was no more than "pathetic."

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