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"Storm" for Ban Ki-moon

New details on chemical attack near Damascus...

"Storm" for Ban Ki-moon

On Monday a report of the UN experts who confirmed the fact of chemical weapons use in a suburb of Damascus on August 21 was finally made public. However, the report left more questions than answers. There is no unambiguous interpretation of what happened as well as convincing conclusions. Opposition representatives still say it's government troops to blame, the Syrian president once again tries to convince the world community otherwise.

One month has passed since the chemical attack, and new details of the incident in East Huta have been appearing almost daily. One of the most recent episodes were three controversial videos uploaded to the web by Kurdish activists. The videos show men in gas masks barking out "Allahu Akbar" and firing artillery and rocket launchers.

Just a few hours after the videos were posted a popular blogger Brown Moses picked up the topic, and the next day the world leading media were exchanging opinions trying to figure out if the videos were authentic.

Russia Today TV channel says that the published videos perfectly lie in an outline of the events taking place around Syria and are the missing element in a series of world media posts about the opposition involvement in the chemical weapons incidents in Syria.

In this regard it is worth recalling the detention of Syrian rebels trying to transfer containers with sarin through the Turkish-Syrian border byTurkish special forces in May this year, underground chemical laboratories destroyed by government troops and shocking video footage in which terrorists test poison gas on rabbits.

The editors of Russian "Peacekeeper", in their turn, has decided to find out how these videos appeared, what they show, and who can be their author. As it turned out, in the first clip the operator says that everything that happens is an operation against government troops by Al-Rih al-Sarsar ("Storm") from Liwa Al-Islam ("Brigade of Islam") group on August 21, 2013.

According to our experts, the black flag which appears in picture, really, belongs to Liwa al-Islam, based in East Huta. At the same time, Operation Al-Rih al-Sarsar's operation codename strangely coincides with the name of the same "chemical brigade" which has repeatedly threatened to use prohibited weapons against supporters of Bashar al-Assad and conducted chemical experiments on animals.

As for the origin of video, most of the major media paid little attention to the description under the original video on Youtube.

It says that on September 15 Kurdish self-defense unit (Peshmerga) destroyed three militants on the Turkish-Syrian border, and a cell phone with the video was found in a pocket. The description also states that this was operation Storm and the videos were recorded on August 21. That is just the night, when the use of chemical weapons in the suburbs of Damascus was registered.

Day after the appearance of the videos on the Internet, a number of Turkish media announced hacker attacks on their websites. On their main pages, Kurdish hackers placed banners accusing Erdogan's policy towards Syria and offered users to view these videos.

It is obvious that posting these videos online, Kurdish hackers attempted, above all, to discredit the policy of Erdogan and touch the pro-Syrian majority of the Turks. That is why the hacker attack on Turkish web resources was carried out.

The videos have become a worldwide sensation, only having appeared in Brown Moses popular blog. Following the blogger, U.S. media were quick to say that the style of the recording resembles a prepared provocation and that the footage was fabricated - say, the moon in the video is not visible, and the image on the mobile phone camera should be much lighter since August 21 was a full moon, and etc. In most cases, the doubts about the authenticity of the videos solely concerned the fact that they were delivered to the world television by the Russian channel Russia Today which used the data published by Brown Moses the first.

It is clear that these videos prove or deny nothing. But given all above, too much circumstantial evidence still testifies in favor of their authenticity. In this regard, the UN would rather complete its investigation of the chemical attack in Syria as soon as possible - objectively and taking into account all the facts and evidence.

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