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America and Russia always work together despite the odds

Cooperation with Russia is still a priority for the United States

America and Russia always work together despite the odds

President Obama has recently said that America needs to take a pause and reassess its relations with Russia against the background of the rising, in his opinion, anti-American rhetoric. Obama also officially renounced the September meeting with President Putin in Moscow. As was explained by the authorities, this is due to the lack of progress in the dialogue on missile defense, arms control, as well as global security, human rights, etc.

However, after such statements the politicians add that cooperation with Russia is still a priority for the United States. Even with Moscow's tough position on Syria. Moscow is also convinced that relations between the two countries are so important that it is impossible to drive them to a dead end. At least, it is said by Foreign Minister Lavrov and other Russian politicians.

The whole situation with the relations between Russia and the United States looks at least strange. That's because on the background of U.S. politicians' statements towards Mother Russia that we hear every day on TV, it seems that the Cold War will soon return, or have already returned. As it turns out, this is not true, though. We are simply told every day that the Russians are bad for they do not allow saving the Syrian people; that Putin is an "autocrat" (remember Sen. McCain), and so on. Let them talk. But the truth must be understood that nobody is going to refuse the favorable cooperation.

For example, how many U.S. oil and gas companies work in the fields in Russia? There are lots of them. Do the Russians help the Americans in the war in Afghanistan? They do. Well, there is no Russian military there, but the U.S. buys Russian weapons for the Afghans. It is not only the AK-47, but the Mi-17 helicopters as well, which are more suitable for Afghan conditions than American ones. And what it involves is not just one or two machines but a big party of them.

The U.S. in cooperation with Russia conducts joint operations against terrorists and drug traffickers in Afghanistan. In principle, joint anti-terrorist exercises are often held. The Russians also help with the transit of goods to Afghanistan.

Russian intelligence exchanges information with the U.S. Let us remember the terrorist attack in Boston. Russian special services provided the FBI with all necessary information about the Tsarnaev brothers, welcomed the Bureau's officials in Russia, provided them with everything. Maybe they even drank vodka together, who knows?

If you recall the conflict in Yugoslavia, Russia and the United States also actively cooperated there. On the territory of modern Bosnia, a Russian Special Forces brigade was deployed which was formally subordinate to the commander of the U.S. division. If there is a tornado or a hurricane in the U.S., Russia offers help. If something happens in Russia, the U.S. officials offer assistance. The Americans are used to live by the rule "we are good, all the rest are bad", but it never stopped them from taking benefit from collaborative projects and helping each other.

According to Wikipedia, the U.S. and Russia began to cooperate in the XIX century. And in 1824 they even signed the Russian-American Convention on friendly relations, commerce, navigation and fishing. During the Civil War the Russian Empire helped the North, and during the War for Independence strongly supported the young United States.

So do not rush to conclusions when you hear the politicians' words about the great and terrible Mother Russia. With the great heritage of effective mutual cooperation, it would be foolish not to use it.

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