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Global climate change - an obvious result of the U.S. missile adventure

Tasks of HAARP project fully implemented

Global climate change - an obvious result of the U.S. missile adventure

Anyone who has lived up to middle age has felt the global climate change. Unfortunately, it does not change for the better.

Somewhere it is snowing heavily, although the snow should not be there at all. Somewhere there is thaw in January which never was at this time. Somewhere there are tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, and more.

There are only two reasons for these disasters - natural and human factors. According to generally accepted point of view, our planet is moving steadily toward its doom because of people. An infinite carbon emission as a result of scaling up manufacturing and machines is not the only way the humanity influence the nature.

There are invisible to most people effects of special systems whose manifestations are caused by the U.S. fear of being subjected to a missile attack.

Everyone probably heard about the American research project to study the ionosphere called HAARP. Recently Americans themselves felt unprecedented disasters caused by the work of this system.

U.S. government decided to temporarily close the HAARP bases in Alaska to appease the population. At the same time director of the Agency for Defense Advanced Research Projects (DARPA) A.Prabhakar said at the organization's website that the tasks of the HAARP project were fully implemented and its closing is not related to the protests of Americans.

According to A.Prabhakar, beside scientific, the project had a military component as well. This is understandable - without cash infusions from the military the research would have been stalled pretty quickly.

"The main purpose of HAARP was the testing of missile defense system innovative devices working on new physical principles. What are these principles will remain a state secret. Final tests showed reliable operation of these devices in our missile defense system," said A.Prabhakar.

Most recently, site "Wikileaks" posted information about some secret devices that were installed on three U.S. Navy ships in the Mediterranean equipped with Aegis system (the element of U.S. missile defense) and on the radar located on Brdy military site in the region of Pilsen (90 km south-west of Prague).

Which devices are in question was not reported. However, the latest failed tests of Russian promising ballistic missile "Bulava" in the Barents Sea and the natural disasters in Europe and Asia indicate that the U.S. really started to use new devices in its NMD.

Given the high efficiency of these devices (it is not so easy to disable Bulava without destroying it physically), it can be assumed that they will be installed in all U.S. missile defense sites affecting the environment and ecology. America yesterday, Europe today and Japan tomorrow, and then the whole world will be covered with natural disasters. U.S., stop! Leave the planet alone!

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