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CSTO: Looking into the Future

Collective security on post-Soviet space

An International Practical Conference on the "Place and Role of the Collective Security Treaty Organization in the Formation of the International Security Architecture, Prospects for CSTO Development" was held in Moscow on January 20. The venue of the Conference was the head-quarters of the RF Council of Federation (CF) and among its organizers were CF Deputy Chairman Dmitri Mezentsev and Chairman of the CF Committee for CIS Affairs Vadin Gustov.

Prominent CF members, State Duma deputies and parliamentary delegations from CSTO member States, representatives of the Executive Committee and other CIS inter-State bodies, a number of federal ministries and departments, as well as leading specialists in the field of international security and law, strategic studies and military sciences took part in the meeting.

Following an in-depth report delivered by CSTO Secretary General Nikolai Bordiuzha, the participants had a thorough exchange of views on the status of and prospects for further formation of the collective security system on CIS territory, intensification of military political and technical cooperation of member States based on the current geopolitical situation in the Eurasian region.

A press conference closed the event.
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