Abkhazia Seeking to Associate with Russia / News / News agency Inforos
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Abkhazia Seeking to Associate with Russia

Abkhazia will press for joining up with Russia as an associated member of the Russian Federation, Sergei Bagapsh, President of the self-proclaimed republic, said in an interview.

According to S. Bagapsh, some of the Abkhazian laws would be brought in line with Russian legislation.

"We will develop the Russian orientation of our economic policy. Some of the laws of the Republic of Abkhazia will be dovetailed with Russian laws. We must create conditions to protect Russian business in Abkhazia and assure that investing in Abkhazia would be safe. Though it will be more difficult to do the same on the political plane", the President said.

"We are not renouncing anything. And we shall wait while Moscow is solving this complex issue. For our part, we are not rushing Moscow. Abkhazia has made its offer and is ready for a dialog on the subject", S. Bagapsh said.
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