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Nicsic Opposition Rally Goes Peacefully

Nicsic Opposition Rally Goes Peacefully

InfoRos news agency contacted Iva Bajkovic, a member of the "Democratic Front" (DF) who took part in the rally, and told us about the details.

According to her, more than 7,000 (seven thousand) people took part in the event, which is actually even more than Kocha Pavlovich another DF MP previously expected to arrive at the rally.

When we spoke to Iva, she was standing in front of the Cathedral Church of St. Basil of Ostrog, lighting candles with wishes, singing songs, holding and listening to speeches and are just about to move on towards the Municipality building of Nicsic. There, wish candles are going to be left, and thus the rally will be over.

According to Iva, despite Kocha Pavlovich's expectations, no massive police forces have shown at the rally. She told us that two days ago more than 50 police vehicles moved into the city with riot police on board, but the DF representatives hope that the meeting will go peacefully. Although Iva is not sure whether police forces won't meet them just in front of the Municipality building. "It's especially dangerous for such a rally to become a target of some authorities stooges' provocation when so many people are around" - said Iva Bajkovic.

"DF is trying very hard for the voice of the Montenegrin people to be heard by our own authorities, and of course the rest of the world. For us, this is very important, to speak out our will. I must say that despite we sometimes think that nobody cares about Montenegro and the whole Balkans region, we shall do our best. This is our fight, and we will win it" - Iva concluded.

Iva Bajkovic told InfoRos that to more closely monitor the situation in Nickshich, one can access "Democratic Front's" Twitter page or simply search for #freedomcalling or #slobodatrazi

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