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Montenegro against NATO

Rally against the countrys entry into NATO is to be held in Podgorica

Montenegro against NATO

Demonstrations against Montenegro's entry into NATO and for holding a national referendum on the establishment of a military-political neutrality of the country and the change of the regime will be held December 12, in Podgorica. Not long before the protests Andrija Mandic, the leader of the Montenegrin opposition party "New Serbian Democracy" from the "Democratic Front" coalition gave an interview to the Montenegrin daily newspaper "Dan" ("Day").

Most of Montenegrin population is against their country entering "an aggressive military alliance," the politician said. "Our future in NATO means that our soldiers and officers, together with military from Albania and Turkey will have to actively prepare for the confrontation with Serbia and Russia," - said Mandic.

According to the politician, the current regime in Podgorica is trying to avoid holding a referendum by any means and to pass the issue of NATO membership in Parliament only. "In case of a referendum the majority would answer: No, thank you, we want to be neutral, we do not want to participate in future conflicts against our proven allies, Russia and Serbia," - said Mandic.

Because of a complicated world geopolitical situation and the growing tensions between Western countries and Russia, NATO forces Podgorica to join the Alliance. It is done to further provoke and humiliate Moscow, Mandic said. "To implement this plan, they found allies in the Montenegrin regime headed by Prime Minister Djukanovic. Because of serious crimes documented by Western security services, the leaders of Podgorica are forced to blindly follow US's instructions," - said the politician.

"The opposition and the people of Montenegro want one thing: to make our country prosperous, to have allies and partners, and to have referendums on such important issues, as NATO membership. Montenegro should have authorities that hear the people. Today we have no such thing. Usurpers falsify election results in their favor and thus ensure the support of powerful Western forces. No wonder that they satisfy Western investors more than Montenegrin citizens," - said Andrija Mandic.

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