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Fear of Uncontrollable Riot

Opposition Rally as Means to Show Truth About Montenegrin Politicians

Fear of Uncontrollable Riot

"The snow does not fall in order to cover up the coast, but for every beast leave its mark" - says the proverb. Thus, we can say that the current invitation from NATO will contribute to the fact that all political actors in Montenegro will show their true faces.

If there was anything helpful in getting an invitation to NATO, it is the fact that now we can finally restore what motivated the split between two strongest opposition political groups, which act specifically Montenegro's entry into NATO.

Now, when an invitation is trumpeted as a "fait accompli", the attitude toward this important political issue that can forever change the future of Montenegro shows how that the split within "Democratic Front" (DP) and the Socialist People's Party (SNP) was brought by spontaneous discontent of certain functionaries, and the influence external factors, and also somebody's ambitions to get some Maidan cookies from the hands of Victoria (Fuck EU) Nuland.

On May 8 Miodrag Lekic promised that once an invitation from NATO is received, he would personally determine the issue. The invitation came, and Lekic, instead of finally voicing his position, shamelessly declared that "he has more important things to do than NATO." I personally know that public figures who oppose Montenegro's entry into NATO, which recently (informally) joined the "Demos" political party, truly believed Lekic's promise.

However, instead of quitting their new party or either the support of political leaders, that found themselves incapable to openly declare their position and simply stuck to the views V.Nuland and US diplomats, instead of going along with the aspirations of more than two-thirds of the native population, the aforementioned persons have begun to back track on their participation in protest against the entry of Montenegro into NATO.

Despite the promised vote of "for" or "against" NATO integration, Lekic joined Alexa Becic position, saying that by speeding course toward NATO Milo Djukanovic's regime provokes further division in society. Becic, at this moment of historic importance goes even further, saying that politicians have nothing to do with this issue.

Anyone who claims that at the moment economic issues are more important than joining the alliance is either guided by complete economic illiteracy or cheap opportunism, in order to establish unnatural balance between those who are granted Maidan cookies, and their constituents, at the risk of completely losing popular support.

Montenegro's deadline to join NATO is limited to a maximum of two years, which, in accordance with economic theory is defined as a short-term period. Questions that A.Becic M.Lekic try to impose as important, including the creation of additional jobs and a significant increase in living standards can be achieved only in the medium or long term, even if tomorrow Milo Djukanovic hands over power to a transitional government.

NATO membership does not contribute to economic growth, moreover, as with Bulgaria, could become a major obstacle to large investments. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, the world's largest investor, negatively assessed Montenegro's possible membership in the alliance. Being a country from which Montenegro receives the most investment, and whose citizens bring half the revenue from tourism, Russia holds quite similar predictions.

Therefore, there is no doubt that Becic's position is not due to his economic or political lack of professionalism, but is rather based on his desire not to be detached from V.Nuland's "table" where Maidan cookies are being distributed.

I am inclined to believe in the second version, in fact, it was Becic's and Lekic's desire that forced them to sit out in the offices of Ranko Krivokapic, engaging in idle chatter with the head of the local tyranny during civil protests that started in Podgorica on  September, 27. These actions have had disastrous consequences for their parties.

Intention to hide under Krivokapic's "hem" during anti-NATO protests leads DEMOS and Democrats to political collapse. Therefore, the question arises whether the US Embassy is ready to come to terms with its failure so successfully launch a political project leading to pacify anti-NATO political structures.

During the last few days in Moscow I was negotiating with leading Russian experts on the Balkans, who revealed that US have set to repeat the provocation against the protesters undertaken on October 24, as a target for Milo Djukanovic. As a result, police violence would be followed by an active information campaign by regime-controlled media and "Vesti" concern aimed at "demonizing" DF, SNP and other opponents of Montenegro's entry into NATO.

Dear friends and colleagues, in the fight against criminal Alliance, anyone who came to protest with intent to cause unrest, gives the police an excuse for violence. He should know that by doing so he puts himself on the same side with NATO pilots who bombed us with depleted uranium, with the local tyrant who rushes into NATO in order to save his criminal skin, his accomplices, county spies and small political flies, fed by Maidan cookies that aim to soften popular indignation by speaking about the importance of Montenegro's entry into NATO in NATO.

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