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Milo Djukanovic: no one can see, no one can hear

Montenegrin authorities ignore the demands of the people

Milo Djukanovic: no one can see, no one can hear

After Montenegro received an invitation to join NATO, protests and rallies have intensified nationwide. The population requires social and economic reforms, resignation of the government headed by Milo Djukanovic, refusal of integration into NATO, and holding a referendum on the issue.

Meanwhile, Montenegrin authorities ignore the demands of the people, harshly beating protesters, dispersing their campsites and arresting opposition leaders. Djukanovic accuses Moscow of spreading discontent and continues his way toward NATO. Any initiatives to resolve the crisis in the country and discuss the issue of joining NATO are suppressed as Montenegrin elite understands that holding a referendum would obviously become a failure for this initiative.

According to the Constitution, Montenegro is a democratic state, but what kind of democracy are we talking about when the will of the people is suppressed in every way? Besides, Djukanovic, who has been ruling the country for 25 years, also does not fit the Western model of "democratic rotation" of the government. This is not to mention the fact that the deprivation of the rights of Montenegrins to decide their political future violates the basic democratic principles of international law.

Despite the fact that 80% of the population strongly oppose the accession of Montenegro into NATO, the government does not intend to consider the prospect of organizing a referendum. The only possibility of public discussion of the country's eventual membership in the alliance is a vote in the Parliament of Montenegro, which on September 16 had shown that Montenegrins have virtually no hope of being heard. Clan-related system does not allow opposition to ensure the make a decision that is in the interests of the people.

The Parliament of Montenegro has full authority to determine whether a country needs NATO membership. Realizing its impunity, the government neglects the principles of respecting human rights and in general public opinion becomes "the only legitimate source of power."

Meanwhile, anxiety of Montenegrin rulers and attempts to settle the problem as soon as possible, bypassing the people, are caused by upcoming parliamentary elections scheduled for spring 2016. In this case, vox populi can dramatically change the balance of political forces in the country, and people who are tired of stagnation, and misguided expectations will no longer entrust their present and future to the Western puppets.

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