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NATO turn Mootenegro against Russia

Since the end of September massive protests continue in Montenegro. The cause of the rallies is popular discontent with the government, led by Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic. The population is expressing discontent with the accession of the country to NATO. However, if we look closer at the slogans of protesters, we will see demands for the resignation of the country's leadership, unable to improve catastrophic situation in social and economic spheres.

Realizing that the population strongly opposes the regime, Djukanovic is trying to trick people by giving promises of better life after the country's accession to NATO. The Balkan media, which belong to him, are condemning the opposition, and the government-controlled television and newspapers are talking about the benefits of joining the North Atlantic Alliance, luring the population to make the "right" choice.

In turn, NATO is speeding up Podgorica's accession. To implement this plan, the organization has found allies in the Montenegrin puppet regime. NATO blackmails the Djukanovic's government with materials about his serious crimes forcing it to blindly follow all the instructions.

The regime is seeking to avoid a referendum by all means and settle the issue of NATO membership by voting in Parliament. However, most of the Montenegrin population opposes the country's accession to an aggressive military alliance. Moreover, one third of the Parliament's members support the mood of Montenegrins, thus creating a serious obstacle to Djukanovic's pro-NATO course.

It is evident that inviting Montenegro to the alliance is only the first step towards the involvement of all Balkan countries into NATO sphere of influence and suppression of pro-Russian parties there. Macedonia is likely to become the next NATO target, followed by Bosnia and Herzegovina and then Serbia.

However, Montenegrin opposition does not agree with this scenario and demands that the possibility of joining NATO is decided by referendum. Montenegrins want to have authorities that listen to them. But now the country is governed by dishonest people, who falsify election results, trying to secure Western support.

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