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Montenegro: In Search of Justice

The country should not join NATO without holding a referendum

Montenegro: In Search of Justice

You can't argue with the numbers: only 50 Montenegrins officially declared their desire to join NATO - members of the country's Assembly that voted in September 2015 for Euro-Atlantic integration. Meanwhile not less than a third of the MP's spoke out against joining the alliance.

Moreover, the people of Montenegro are provided with fabricated polls, allegedly showing the popularity of NATO membership ideas in the Montenegrin society. However, we should face it: most of the unaffiliated sociological studies, as well as the estimates of independent political analysts suggest that the number of opponents of Montenegro's accession reaches 70%.

After NATO Foreign Ministers have officially "invited" Montenegro to join their ranks, becoming the 29th member of the alliance, a wave of protests broke out against forced dragging of the country into the military organization.

Montenegrins are torn apart by hatred and resentment. Citizens demand for economic reforms and Milo Djukanovic's government resignation, rejection of integration into NATO and holding of a national referendum, which will be the only chance to save their economy from collapse and its citizens from poverty. In addition, the protesters oppose breaking friendly ties with Russia.

It should not be forgotten that in 1999, it was NATO that started bombing Yugoslavia, which back in the day included Montenegro. Civilian targets were subjected to shelling, there were many civilian casualties. Thus the country had experienced alliance's peacekeeping abilities "the hard way".

However, it is the same now. Popular protests are brutally suppressed, tear gas and rubber batons are often used to disperse peaceful rallies, but due to some reason it is not mentioned in any of the "free" and "democratic" Western media sources.

Meanwhile, Alliance considers the country only as the next "bridgehead" for military actions. After joining NATO, Montenegro will have to subordinate its domestic and foreign policy with alliance objectives. However, the West should understand that it is necessary to adjust their "appetites" with the actual political situation. "Balkan cellar" is still highly explosive.

Irresponsible promotion of Euro-Atlantic integration has already led to military conflict in Ukraine and to the destabilization in Montenegro. It is possible that Montenegrin's discontent will provoke a new wave of radical dissent.

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