Montenegrins are no longer afraid of Djukanovic / News / News agency Inforos
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Montenegrins are no longer afraid of Djukanovic

Montenegrins are no longer afraid of Djukanovic

The latest in a series of protests of the opposition coalition "Democratic Front" has taken place in the capital of Montenegro, Podgorica. The correspondent of the news agency "Inforos" have spoken with a deputy of the Parliament of Montenegro, a member of the opposition coalition "Democratic Front".

According to the member of the Parliament, all the opposition forces of the country are united by a common goal of the resignation of Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic and holding free and fair elections. The Montenegrins took to the streets today in support for these demands.

"People are tired of the Montenegrin government, which ignores their interests, and began to act decisively. Not too long ago, Montenegrins were frustrated by criminal Djukanovic regime, but now thanks to bold, public and mass actions of opposition forces fear has blunted, — said Bulaic. —Montenegro two months ago andMontenegro today are two different countries. Now Montenegrins doesn't fear of the authorities and people are not afraid to defend their vision of the country's future".

Montenegrin politician reminded that mass protests have been continuing in the country since September 27. During this time, discontent with the arbitrary rule of the government has united opposition political forces against the dictatorship of Djukanovic and against the country's accession to NATO. The anti-NATO protests were joined by the Democratic People's Party, New Serbian Democracy, the Labour Party and many other political forces, said Bulaich.

Realizing that the people ofMontenegroare inclined towardRussia, which is the only state that pays attention to the country's problems of civil society, the current authorities of the country have joined the EU restrictive measures againstMoscow.

According Bulaic, some political parties of the coalition "Democratic Front" and a number of NGOs inMontenegrohave perceived the government's decision extremely negatively and intend to appeal against it.

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