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Montenegro want to be worthy of its ancestors

Montenegro want to be worthy of its ancestors

A new opposition rally was held in the capital of Montenegro Podgorica on Sunday, December 20. Over 5000 protesters gathered near the Montenegrin Parliament. Activists declared their protest against the country's integration into NATO and the dictatorship of Montenegrin Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic. They held anti-government and anti-nato banners and flags of Montenegro, Serbia and Russia as well, demanding the resignation of Djukanovic and his cabinet. Huge letters "FREEDOM" were put near the stage.

Leaders of Montenegrin opposition political parties Vladislav Bozhovic, Slaven Radenovich Janko Vuchenich, Predrag Bulatovic, Nebojsa Medojevic made common appeal, speeched out by the "New Serb Democracy" Strahinja Bulaich. He said that Montenegro led by Milo Djukanovic wallowed in corruption and lies, and the Prime Minister is trying to drag the country into NATO, ignoring public requirement to hold a referendum.

Protesters stressed that Montenegro has 53 multimillionaires while 10 thousand Montenegrins live below the breadline as the oligarchic regime of Djukanovic submitted the economy of the country to his own interests and ignore people's demand for transparent and fair elections.

Opposition forces agreed to fight for the future of the country to the end, until they win in "the Revolution of justice". "Montenegro always paid highest price for its freedom, we should be worthy of our ancestors," – said Nebojsa Medojevic, the leader of the "Movement for Change".

The next opposition demonstration will be held on Wednesday, December 23.

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