Montenegrin Accession to NATO Will Aggravate the Situation in the Balkans / News / News agency Inforos
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Montenegrin Accession to NATO Will Aggravate the Situation in the Balkans

Attempts to involve Montenegro into the alliance will "pour oil on flame"

Montenegrin Accession to NATO Will Aggravate the Situation in the Balkans

Deputy Prime Minister of Montenegro Igor Luksic received an official invitation to the alliance from NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on Wednesday. After the talks, which are expected to last for several months, the member-states are expected to sign the protocol of accession of Montenegro into the alliance. After that the process of ratification will start.

Such NATO's confrontational step was sharply criticized by Moscow. The Russian Foreign Ministry said "it's fraught with additional destabilizing consequences for Euro-Atlantic security system."

The opposition coalition "Democratic Front" plans to hold more protests against the Government of Montenegro headed by Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic on December 23. "We believe that there is no more time to wait. The rest of the opposition should support us in establishing transitional government to avoid new "terrible decisions" by Milo Djukanovic," – said the official representative of "Democratic Front" Nebojsa Medojevic.

Protests in Montenegro continue for more than three months. Citizens demand social reforms and the government's resignation, vote against country's accession to NATO and call for a popular referendum and oppose the rupture of ties with Russia.

Montenegrin journalist, coordinator of the "No to War – No to NATO" movement Igor Damjanovic believes that intensity and extent of popular protest will only grow. "Our people want referendum, and it is precisely what NATO is afraid of. Dissatisfaction with Djukanovic's criminal regime as well as the propaganda carried out by the alliance will cause a new wave of popular indignation" – the reporter told "Inforos" news agency.

Damjanovic also stressed that Montenegrin prime minister, "never had people's support." "His regime is tyranny. He doesn't think about the future of his country and his people, has no real strategy for further development of the state. Djukanovic sees entry into NATO as personal benefit. For him this is an opportunity to save life and criminal policy after receiving certain guarantees from Western European countries ", - says the journalist.

At the same time, according to Damjanovic, the United States see the accession of Montenegro to the alliance as "a kind of compensation for the failure of its policies in Syria and Ukraine." "Moreover, the country's accession to the alliance will inevitably lead to deterioration of friendly relations with Russia. NATO and Montenegrin corrupted government attempts to involve the country into the alliance will only pour oil on the "Balkan pot" – believes Igor Damjanovic.

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