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Montenegrins Oppose NATO

Montenegrins Oppose NATO


Since September Montenegro has seen anti-government demonstrations, demanding regime change and country's democratization. Another Montenegrin opposition protest action, accompanied by slogans about disbanding the government, will be held in Podgorica on December 23.

The main culprit of the crisis and popular uprisings of the opposition forces is believed to be PM Milo Djukanovic. He is accused of usurpation of power, corruption and regular election fraud. In addition, the protesters are outraged by his plans to drag the country into NATO.

In hopes to benefit the Montenegrin leadership seeks an alliance without asking people. In fact, entry into the block does not give a country anything, except for a set of obligations. Despite the poor economic situation, Podgorica have always followed NATO instructions and tries to match its high demands: paying a membership fee to send troops to hotspots and to rearming the national armed forces at own expense. A confrontation with Russia is likely to become a no less important condition for the entry.

 The desire to draw Montenegro into the allianceas as quickly as possible demonstrates NATO intentions to disconnect Slavic space, which Russia has always patronized and distance Podgorica from Moscow. Especially at a time when Russian foreign policy achieves great success.

Wanting to "insult and humiliate" Russia, NATO members have found allies in the Montenegrin puppet regime headed by Djukanovic. Because of the serious criminal acts documented by Western countries' security services, the authorities are forced to blindly follow US instructions.

However, the protests are very timely: final decision on Montenegro's accession to NATO will be made no earlier than the beginning of summer 2016. Coordination and reform required by the alliance will take about two years. The opposition has time to force the government to listen to Montenegrin vox populi.

 Therefore, despite the Governments desire to join NATO, the opposition parties announced that they will go for a referendum, and insist that the authorities must take people's opinion into account. Any decisions Montenegro's accession to the alliance, must be taken in accordance with democratic principles.

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