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Triumph of Lawlessness and Crime in Montenegro

Triumph of Lawlessness and Crime in Montenegro

NATO's invitation for Montenegro to join the alliance would've been impossible without significant progress in the field of rule of law and efforts to overcome corruption and organized crime in the country. This was stated by Minister of Justice Zoran Pazin during the report on his department's work in 2015.

However, current situation in economic and social spheres raise questions of Montenegrin leadership success. In particular, PM Djukanovic keeps talking about economy growth, raising wages and investment. He uses these "fairytales" to prove his Western partners that Podgorica fits EU and NATO standards.

In fact, half the population lives below the poverty line, unemployment and corruption thrive. The gap between rich and poor only increases, causing public discontent with the policies of the ruling elite. At the same time, Djukanovic is on the list of the richest politicians in Europe.

However, PM's other "tracklist" includes human organs trafficking in 1999, cigarette smuggling, financial fraud and criminal offenses. All attempts to bring Djukanovic to justice for his "business" failed miserably: thanks to the US and other Western countries, he had not only gone unpunished, but continues to "strengthen" the image of Montenegro.

Therefore, the anger and resentment of Montenegrins are justified. People dream of government change, social justice and welfare, not about surviving in a country that is mired in corruption and dubious benefits of its membership in NATO and EU.

The "Democratic Front" opposition coalition is holding another rally agains the current government of Montenegro on December 23. Activists and citizens demand government's resignation and review of the decision to join NATO.

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