Djukanovic Spends Big on Opposition Info Blockade / News / News agency Inforos
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Djukanovic Spends Big on Opposition Info Blockade

Djukanovic Spends Big on Opposition Info Blockade

Opposition rally in Montenegro ended in front of the television and radio center of Montenegro.

According to representatives of the opposition, this company is the main propaganda mouthpiece of the political regime of the country, led by PM Milo Djukanovic. Montenegrin authorities have taken control of the media to discredit the opposition coalition "Democratic Front".

Protesters also accused the country's Parliament of invest much more money into pro-government media resources than into social security. Opposition leaders favor objective and independent information distribution for Montenegrins.

For over two months Montenegro has been suffering a series of mass protests. Citizens demand resignation of the country's prime-minister M.Djukanovic and his administration and the forming of a transitional government which should conduct fair and transparent elections. The protesters also oppose joining NATO.

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