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Abramovich No. 1 in Russia

Forbes has again counted the world

Abramovich No. 1 in Russia
The US magazine "Forbes" has published a list of world billionaires. Among these are 27 Russians whose wealth exceeds $1 billion.

As for the top ten, there are few changes there. The first in the list, as expected, is Microsoft's head William Gates III ($46.5 bln), followed by US financier Warren Buffett ($44 bln), The third-richest person is an Indian steel baron Lakshmi Mittal ($25 bln), followed by a Mexican telecommunications magnate Carlos Slim Helu ($23.8 bln), a Saudi prince Alwalid ben Talal Alsaud ($23.7 bln), a Swedish IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad ($23 bln), a Microsoft co-owner Paul Allen ($21 bln), a German supermarket chain owner Karl Albrecht ($18.5 bln), an American Oracle co-founder Lawrence Ellison ($18.4 bln), and finally an American Wal-Mart supermarket chain co-owner Robson Walton ($18.3 bln).

Roman Abramovich, governor of Chukotka and the principal owner of "Sibneft" oil company, who has been named as the richest man in Russia, ranks 21st in the global list. His net worth has been valued at $13.3 billion.

The second-best man in the list of Russian money-bags is Mikhail Fridman, "Alpha Group" CEO, followed by Vladimir Lisin, Novolipetsk Metallurgical Works CEO. These two fortunes have been assesses at $ 7 billion each. Oleg Deripaska, "Base Element" CEO, has grown richer by $2.2 billion over the past year to hit the $5.5 billion plank and occupy the fourth place among Russian billionaires. Another tycoon to have increased his packet is Viktor Vekselberg, head of "Renova" Investment Holding, who was going level with Deripaska last year, but has now fallen somewhat back. This year his fortune has been valued at $5 billion.

Of special importance is the fact that now Russia has a lady billionaire of its own. She is Elena Baturina, wife of Moscow's Mayor, Yuri Luzhkov. Her fortune has been valued at $1.3 billion. According to "Forbes", "earlier she was a worker at a factory, and now runs a large construction company in Moscow".

Over the past year, 9 new billionaires appeared in Russia – more than in any other country, except, perhaps, the United States.

Also, there are some losers among the moguls: 7 Russians have been stricken off the list of the super-rich. Mikhail Khodorkovski has become considerably "poorer". According to the magazine, the disgraced tycoon who is now languishing in a Moscow prison, saw his fortune fall from $15 billion to $2.2 billion, with the downward trend continuing. "It is not to be ruled out that next year he will drop off our list, notes "Forbes" Editor-in-Chief Steven Forbes. Business success is not always a warranty of freedom".

The Editor-in-Chief regretfully adds that the main feature of Russian business is the raw material origins of the large fortunes. "It is to be hoped that in future Russian wealth would be built up in other sectors of economy as well, says S. Forbes, who is, a propos, himself a multi-millionaire. In our view, if Russia takes further steps to make its economy more transparent, we shall see new Bill Gateses in Russia – the people who start from scratch and build up great enterprises".
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