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Bush Adds Venezuela to the "Axis of Evil"

and will contain her

US President George Bush has instructed his Administration to elaborate a strategy for the containment of the Central American Republic of Venezuela as a whole and its President Hugo Chavez in particular. The US leadership accuses Hugo Chavez of subversive activities in the adjacent states of the Central and South America.

On March 14, the US edition of the "Financial Times" newspaper reported that US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Western Hemisphere Affairs, Roger Pardo-Maurer, confirmed the development of such a strategic concept.

"Chavez has become a problem, because he obviously uses his petroleum money and influence to impose his confrontational style on the policies of other countries", noted Pardo-Maurer, adding that Chavez's policy "in a number of cases is frankly subversive".

Telling about the strengthening of the confrontation between the US and Venezuela, the "Financial Times" forecasts further complication of relations between the two countries, which can negatively affect the state of the petroleum market. Venezuela is the fifth largest world exporter of petroleum.

Chavez has repeatedly promised to stop oil deliveries to the US, if its administration persists in its attempts to overthrow his regime.
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