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Americans Oppose Iraqi War

Over the two years that passed since the US troops invaded Iraq the American people have changed their attitude toward the war. According to the results of an opinion poll conducted by ABC TV company and the "Washington Post" newspaper and published last Wednesday, seven out of ten respondents believe that the US are suffering "unacceptable losses" in Iraq. About 53 percent of the people think that the military operations in Iraq are senseless.

ABC has compared today's polling results with those of 2003, immediately after the invasion of Iraq. Then 70 percent of the respondents had supported the idea of waging a war against Iraq, but nowadays only 45 percent of Americans hold that view.

Americans also put in doubt the correctness of President George Bush's course of action towards Iraq. In the fall of 2003 75 percent of Americans supported G. Bush's view on the necessity of invading Iraq to topple Saddam Hussein' regime, whereas today only 39 percent support Bush's stance over the Iraqi issue.

Significantly, in 2003 52 percent of Americans were of the opinion that the US, by having started the war, became stronger. Today this opinion is shared by only 28 percent.

The opinion poll conducted on March 10-13 covered over one thousand of adult Americans.
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