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Putin to Unite Russia and Europe

through high technology

One of the important issues discussed at the quadripartite meeting (Russia, France, Germany and Spain) in Paris last week were joint high tech projects. At a press conference after the meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin said he would like to see the efforts of Russia and Europe pooled together to implement the projects.

In the opinion of the four heads of state, projects in the field of space communication and navigation, as well as aircraft construction are the most promising ones. In this context, Russian President spoke at the press conference about the integration of the "Glonass" Russian global navigation satellite system and the European "Galileo" system, the construction of a European heavy-duty transport helicopter based on the Russian MI-26 model, and a joint development of a medium-range air liner.

According to V. Putin, "all this plus other running high tech initiatives can serve as a serious, very serious basis for our joint work".
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