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Nikolai Bordyuzha: Not Enough Has Been Done

General Secretary of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) Nikolai Bordyuzha says that the CSTO has not received yet any answer from the new Kirghizian authorities to its proposal to use the mechanism of consultations provided for in the Treaty for the occurrence of crisis situations.

"We have proposed at least two or three times that the new authorities use the CSTO facilities. Article 2 of the Treaty stipulates that consultations should be immediately started in case of an aggravation of the situation in a member state. But we have not received any reply so far", said N. Bordyuzha.

Commenting on the recent events in Kirghizia, N. Bordyuzha noted that it would be wrong to over-emphasize the Islamic factor.

Answering a journalist's question about the color of the revolution in Kirghizia, the CSTO General Secretary said: "It was not exactly green, it had an opium taste and the color of a black night, when looters come out to do their job", adding that "the motive force of the seizure of power by the democratic opposition were lumpen masses".

"There were two forces opposing Akayev’s regime. The first one was those who were unhappy about the performance of A. Akayev and his entourage. They planned to come to power sometime in autumn, after presidential elections. The second force came from Osh and the outskirts of Bishkek, they didn’t care a damn about democratic opposition. They came knowing that they had to smash up the state authority and beat their due out of the honest businessmen", stated N. Bordyuzha.

Commenting on the events in Osh, N. Bordyuzha said: "The power in Osh is wielded by one of the richest men in the south of Kirghizia who owns the overwhelming bulk of property. I think that is the source of many processes that have been taking place these days in Bishkek and Osh. In my opinion, drug mafia and organized crime are involved in the processes”.

N. Bordyuzha also expressed his opinion about the inaction of the authorities in the course of the disorders of March 24. "Aversion to use force against a peaceful manifestation is understandable, but its use against thugs and looters is quite a different thing. 400 people injured – and this is just an official figure. It means that several thousand people were beaten up, dozens robbed ".

N. Bordyuzha also expressed his concern about the growth of extremist sentiments in Central Asia and in the south of Russia: “Khizb-ut-Tahrir has been spreading its net throughout Central Asia, instigating especially young people, inculcating religious dogmas, trying to set up a social base, upon which it would be possible to lean later on. Religious extremists have been very active in Tadzhikistan, Kazakhstan and Russia. This is our common problem. Joint efforts are needed to prevent the islamization of all CSTO member states. Joint effort is the key word, because these radical Islamic structures, like mercury, tend to roll over from one country to another. This has to be stopped. Otherwise we shall have a lot of problems. And it will be a standoff not between the new democrats and the older ones, but a standoff fermented by a religious factor and rejecting a peaceful settlement of any crisis.

In conclusion, the CSTO General Secretary said that he hoped for a more active participation of influential forces in the normalization of the situation in the region.
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