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a child murderess may get a suspended sentence

The trial of Irma Pavlis charged with the murder of her Russian-born foster son is going on in the US. Friday the jury announced its verdict: the woman has been found guilty of involuntary manslaughter. Under US jurisdiction, such a verdict means that a murderer may get a suspended sentence. This is exactly what the defense of Irma Pavlis is pressing for.

The court will announce its decision on May 4. If the prosecution had proved that the death of Alex Pavlis (Alexei Geiko) was a "first-degree murder", then, according to the legislation of the State of Illinois, Irma Pavlis might have received a life sentence. Now that the jury have delivered a verdict of manslaughter, the foster mother may be sentenced to from 3 to 7 years. The maximum punishment for this kind of crime in Illinois is 14 years.

Irma Pavlis' lawyers insist on a suspended sentence for their client. After the boy's death 32 bruises had been found on his body. The woman had been knocking Alex's head on the door for 15 minutes, and fully acknowledged her guilt at the start of the proceedings.
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