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Anti-Americanism Spreading All over the Globe

and this causes concern in the US

A report issued by the General Accounting Office of the US Congress says that anti-American sentiments are spreading all over the world, which is threatening the US national interests. The report was prepared in mid-April, and its highlights have been published in the "Washington Post".

"Recent polling data show that anti-Americanism is spreading and deepening around the world", the document says.

"Similar anti-American sentiments abroad may lead to the support of terrorism targeted against Americans", notes the report.

US "accountants" stress that the continuation of this tendency may "affect the cost and efficiency of the US military operations, hamper the possibility of the US joining forces with other countries in the pursuit of common political goals, as well as undermine the enthusiasm of foreign audiences toward US business services and goods".

A considerable part of the report is devoted to the criticism of Bush administration. In particular, US government is accused of having failed to work out a strategy for improving the US image abroad, notes the "Washington Post".

However, this is not quite so. The strategy is there. Already at the beginning of this spring Condoleezza Rice announced a major rise in the spending on the general improvement of the US image and on "public diplomacy" as a primary tool in reaching that goal.

Some time later vice president Dick Cheney made a public statement to the effect that "public diplomacy is a part of the US foreign policy arsenal in fighting terrorism and promoting democracy all over the world, first of all in Arab and Moslem countries", acknowledging, however, some of the weaknesses of that policy.
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