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US Declares Information War on Radical Islam

US Declares Information War on Radical Islam
On April 18, the influential newsweekly "US News and World Report" carried an article saying that, since 1995, in order to bolster its influence all over the world, the vakhabite movement has received financial support amounting to about $75 billion. According to the magazine, the main sponsor of vakhabism in the world is Saudi Arabia, where vakhabism is the state ideology. This Middle East country channeled many billions of dollars received from the production and sale of petroleum to support this radical Islamic movement in other countries.

The article in the magazine is the result of four months of journalistic investigation and is based on over 100 interviews, as well as many classified documents of the US administration.

"The Saudi Kingdom funded hundreds of mosques, schools and Islamic centers abroad, widely publicizing a covert Islamic sect that is known for its admonitions not to trust the infidels, for its anti-Semitism and nearly medieval attitude toward women", writes the weekly. It also notes that the charities sponsored by Saudi Arabia have been found to support the Islam radicals in 20 countries of the world.

Vakhabism is only a small part of the global process that is called Islam extremism. "US News and World Report" journalists write that the topmost officials in the US seem to be convinced now that America's chief ideological enemy is the extremely politicized form of radical Islam.

When preparing the article, the US journalists used data from various sources and found that the US would wage the global war on extremist in Islam, relying both on its own resources (the State Department, CIA, Pentagon, controlled media) and on its allies in Moslem countries, as well as private foundations and non-government organizations. To coordinate these activities, a new post would soon be created in the structure of the National Security Council attached to the US president – the post of the Deputy National Security Advisor for Global Information and Strategic Communications.

In at least two dozen countries "Washington has quietly funded Islamic radio and TV shows, coursework in Muslim schools, Muslim think tanks, political workshops, or other programs that promote moderate Islam", says the article titled "Project: Muslim World Outreach".

"Federal aid is going to restore mosques, save ancient Korans, even build Islamic schools", the weekly writes, citing specific examples of these US activities, in particular, in Turkmenia, Kirghizia, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Indonesia, Egypt and other countries.

The US secret services, in the weekly's opinion, would play their due role in these activities.

For that purpose, in particular, two structures have been created in the Central Intelligence Agency. One is the "Group for Global Information and Influence" whose task is to define the priorities and main objectives of this work. The other is the "Conference for Cyber-Influence", wherein experts in the field of computer technologies would be looking for methods of effectively fighting Islam extremism and terrorism in the Internet.

Owing to the reanimation of the old-time programs for conducting secret operation directed against extremist Islamic media, religious figures and political parties, the CIA has received considerable budgetary allocations and personnel resources, cites the "US News and World Report" an anonymous representative of the US intelligence community.

Having decided to begin fighting the radical Islam, the US administration proposes that various departments use various ways and means to do that.

Thus, for the CIA it is clandestine operations, including political influence and propaganda. In the Pentagon, they call it "psychological operations" or strategic influence efforts. In the US Department of State they call it "public diplomacy". They all use information to influence and motivate US friends and enemies abroad, notes the article.

Therefore, while making efforts to improve the US image against the background of the growth of anti-Americanism in the world, the US administration is not going to stop entirely at peaceful initiatives and programs. It is in the interests of the US, concludes the article, to wage an active and consecutive war on Islam extremism, using the whole range of US capabilities, from diplomacy and information to clandestine operations of the secret services.
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