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A. Lukashenko Speaks of "Flower Revolutions"

and of his "secret accounts"

Byelorussian President Alexander Lukashenko has called the "flower revolutions" that have been taking place in some of the ex-USSR republics "plain banditry". "The so-called democratic changes of ruling elites and flower revolutions are not revolutions, but plain banditry", the Byelorussian President told the parliament.

"Flower revolutions have proved their uselessness in Byelorussia, they belong to the past century. No amount of money will work in Byelorussia to topple the existing power", emphasized A. Lukashenko, adding that "it's not worth listening to all kinds of crooks profiteering on the concept of flower revolutions".

The head of state said that "flower revolutions bring nothing but collapse of the nation". "The money spent on these revolutions will only bring new markets to the donor countries. The money invested in these revolutions will then be wrenched out of the people", said A. Lukashenko.

The Byelorussian leader warned the West against pressurizing him personally and his family, as well as against making slanderous allegations regarding his financial status. "It's useless. The money they are screaming about, the $11 billion allegedly deposited on my accounts, it's three annual budgets of Byelorussia, and I couldn't have hidden it. It's been three years since they started bandying about my accounts, but they haven't found anything ".

According to A. Lukashenko, "the more they throw stones at me, the less people believe them".
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