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US Troops "Not Guilty"

of killing the Italian officer

The US soldiers who shot dead an Italian intelligence officer in Iraq have been completely cleared of guilt. A special commission created to investigate the incident declared that the US soldiers "had followed their rules of engagement".

A car carrying journalist Giuliana Sgrena released from Iraqi captivity had been machine-gunned at a US checkpoint. As a result, the Italian intelligence officer who masterminded the release operation was killed and another Italian agent wounded. Giuliana Sgrena herself was wounded in the shoulder.

US president George Bush made excuses to Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi and said he was sorry for the incident at the US checkpoint, but this seemed insufficient to the people of Italy, so Italian authorities demanded that the guilty persons be punished.

The intelligence agent who covered Giuliana Sgrena with his body and was killed was Nicola Calipari. Thanks to his participation in the talks, two hostages were released from Iraqi captivity. The killed officer was married, with a daughter of 19 and a son of 13.

Italian authorities have already declared that they outright reject the findings of the US investigation.
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