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Denikin's Daughter Granted Russian Citizenship

Today all leading Russian news agencies carried a report on Russian President Vladimir Putin having decreed the granting of Russian citizenship to Marina Denikin, daughter of Russian General Anton Ivanovich Denikin, one of the leaders of the White Movement.

This step cannot be deemed as accidental. Of late, V. Putin has been demonstrating a special attention to the figure of General Denikin. Already in 2002 there was much talk about the Kremlin trying to initiate the reburial of the White general's remains.

Last year, in the course of a meeting with Marina Denikin in Paris, V. Putin remarked that returning her father's remains to the homeland "is very important for Russia". At that time Marina Antonovna gave her consent to the reburial, and the Russian Ambassador to France handed her a special letter informing her that the Russian government "would bear all costs associated with the reburial of the remains of Anton Ivanovich Denikin".

At present the general's remains are buried at a Russian cemetery in New Jersey, USA.

Evidently, in this case the Kremlin is trying to formulate some new ideology, in which the White heroes of the Civil War would occupy a notable place. The figure of Anton Denikin seems to be the most acceptable in the sense that during the Second World War he, as distinct from some other figures of the White Movement, took a tough anti-Hitlerite stance. This may explain why the current turn to the figure of Denikin has been made on the eve of the Victory Day.
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