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Georgia Is Transit Territory for Terrorists

affirms the US Department of State

Georgia Is Transit Territory for Terrorists
An annual report of the US Department of State on the threat of terrorism in foreign countries based on the results of 2004 has been published in Washington.

In the report, the US administration notes the presence of foreign terrorists in Chechen territory, the receipt of funds from abroad by the terrorists, and also the realization of large-scale internal and global operations against terrorism by Russia, which has raised her role in fighting this phenomenon.

Further paragraphs of the report disclose how foreign terrorists penetrate Russian territory.

In particular, the US State Department claims that "Georgia continues to be used, to a certain degree, as a country of terrorist transit". At the same time, the report notes that Georgian authorities have taken a series of steps to fight terrorism.

However, as the authors of the report affirm, at present "Georgia's law enforcement capabilities are limited", while efforts to reform Georgia's power structures are being hampered by the shortage of adequate resources, equipment and trained personnel.

As a result, says the report, the Georgian authorities have so far failed to work out "any all-around counter-terrorist policy". A propos, in the past President Saakashvili's followers had repeatedly declared that all problems with the presence of terrorists on Georgian territory had been solved.

As of today, no comment has come from the Georgian leadership on the US State Department's report.
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