Political scientist: the "cold war" did not stop / News / News agency Inforos
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Political scientist: the "cold war" did not stop

Political scientist: the "cold war" did not stop

The president of the Center for Social and Political Studies Aspect Georgy Fyodorov told agency Inforos, that the Cold War did not stop, commenting on the mass expulsion of Russian diplomats from a number of Western countries.

According to the political scientist, the "cold war" did not stop. It went into different phases, and now there was an excuse for such a demarche as the diplomats expulsion. Trump is far from being a pro-Russian politician, and he is forced to follow the US strategic line that exists inside the establishment, and there the degree of Russophobia is huge. He preferred the role of Russophobe for to gain the support of the elite, in order to deflect the impact of ties with Russia during the election of the US president. His position is not very strong, and impeachment can be launched at any time, because he wants to stay for a second term. Skripal is an excuse, and he was necessary to scare all the countries of Europe and begin an attack on Russia. We must drop the last illusions in Russia about Trump.

Georgy Fedorov notes that "all actions not only of Trump, but also of the UK and the EU are aimed at worsening Russia's position in the international arena. In particular, these actions were for to extradite Russia from the UN Security Council and for to say that Russia was a criminal state which did not have the right of veto. All these are links in one chain against Russia, and Russia is under pressure, and now it is important to consolidate the Russian elite, to rely on the people and to pursue an independent foreign policy, supporting national liberation movements, to build relations with the "political left" and with various Eurosceptics".

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