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Women Are Defenseless in Russia

A scandalous court proceeding has come to a close in Moscow. Mrs. Alexandra Ivannikova was found guilty and sentenced by the Lublino district court to two years' imprisonment on probation. She had accidentally killed a man who tried to rape her.

A. Ivannikova was found guilty of manslaughter in a state of affect caused by violent acts and amoral behavior of the victim.

However, the court made a rather controversial, from the viewpoint of the man-in-the-street, decision obliging the woman to pay civil damages claimed by victim's father. It is 150 000 Rubles as a compensation for material damages and 50 000 Rubles for moral damages.

For her turn, the defendant A. Ivannikova, whom many people consider to be not a culprit but rather a victim, stated that she had been acting within the limits of the necessary self-defense. However, the court declared her arguments as immaterial. During the process, thanks to the efforts of some mass media that gave civic publicity to the case, A. Ivannikova had received support of many people who believed in her innocence. They attended the hearings, some of them would gather in front of the court building holding posters with slogans, many of these claiming that women are largely defenseless in present-day Russia.

As was reported earlier, about 18 months ago A. Ivannikova had waved down a car driven by Sergei Bagdasarian, late at night, and asked him to take her home, for an agreed charge. S. Bagdasarian tried, using force and threats, to extort sexual services from the young woman. The woman managed somehow to stab him in the leg with a kitchen knife and hit the femoral artery. S. Bagdasarian died of blood loss.

A, Ivannikova herself had called the militia and ambulance. The militia and ambulance personnel who arrived at the site of the incident found the car motor running, the door on the driver's side locked and the rapist himself seated with his pants down.

During the protracted legal process A. Ivannikova had been under a written obligation to stay in town, and had given birth to a child.
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