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Timoshenko Is a Playboy's Star

Ukrainian prime minister Julia Timoshenko has won the topmost position in June's PlayTop rating of the Polish edition of the world-famous Playboy magazine.

The publication gave Yu. Timoshenko the first place for her interview published in the May edition of "Elle" magazine, namely for her words to the effect that a photo on Playboy's first page is the best choice of any real woman.

In the list of persons and events consisting of 10 items that amused Playboy most of all in June, Yu. Timoshenko outstripped actress K.D. Aubert (they call her black Angelina Joly), Australian singer Natali Imbruglio, the opening of an extraordinary inn in Denmark and the Cow Parade in Warsaw.

Also Ukraine's prime minister has been found more dazzling than the presentation of the new BMW M6 coupe, the wireless WiFi Internet system, extreme racer Luke Alfand, the first flight of the world's biggest Airbus A300 plane and the invention of new pills which act in your stomach to produce pleasant winds.

The Polish edition of Playboy has put a photo of Yu. Timoshenko with a braid and in a light-colored business-like costume on the whole A4 page with a very complimentary caption.

"The most beautiful woman politician in the world has amused our playboy hearts with a confession that may turn your head spinning too", writes the Polish Playboy.

The editors expressed a hope that after her statement Yu. Timoshenko would agree to pose for a photo in the magazine, noting that a Ukrainian edition of the world-famous publication would soon appear in Ukraine. Earlier Yulia Timoshenko had stated that she "falls short of Playboy's standards" in her vital statistics.
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