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Ukraine Is Mounting Pressure

on the Russian Black Sea Fleet

The Ukrainian leadership will try to create unbearable conditions for the Russian Black Sea Fleet to force it out of the Crimea, says Konstantin Zatulin, deputy of the State Duma and director of the CIS Countries Institute.

According to K. Zatulin, "Ukraine will try to create unbearable conditions for the Fleet, in order to make Russia yield, or try to get more money from Russia for letting the Fleet to stay in Sebastopol".

He believes that "the Ukrainian authorities gave secret instructions to their special services to provoke compromising situations with Russian servicemen in Sebastopol, to launch an information attack, which would subsequently lead to a revision of the agreements on the basing of the Black Sea Fleet in the Crimea".

K. Zatulin noted that Russian seamen "have already been declared guilty of creating ecological problems in the Black Sea". "If we ignore such things, I am sure the pressure on Russia will be mounting", stressed the deputy.
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