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Mass Detentions of Georgians in Spain

supposedly, because of Saakashvili's pronouncements

28 persons were arrested in Spain starting from June 17 in the course of the largest anti-criminal operation in European history. According to the Spanish law-enforcement authorities, 22 of them are natives of CIS countries, mainly Georgia.

They are suspected of running various criminal associations (in the press release they are called "vory v zakone" – in Russian, roughly, gang leaders), and also of laundering criminal gains from other countries, which they transferred to Spain and invested in real estate on the Mediterranean holiday resort coast. They are also suspected of petroleum products smuggling, extortion, kidnappings and complicity in a number of killings.

In response to the detention of Georgian citizens in Spain, some Georgian politicians have made statements. Thus, on June 20, leader of the opposition "Labor Party of Georgia", Shalva Natelashvili, said: "Georgian authorities make irresponsible statements about Georgians' complicity in the international car stealing mafia and drug trafficking, which has led to the mass detention of Georgian citizens in Spain".

"I offer my apologies to leaders of European countries, in place of Georgian president Mikhail Saakashvili, and declare that such foreign policy of his government has nothing in common with the people of Georgia. The Georgian people and Europe remain one family, while such persons as Saakashvili come and go", emphasized S. Natelashvili.
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