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They meet - that's what matters

Russian experts on most important points of RF-US summit

They meet - that's what matters

The Russian political experts believe that the upcoming Summit, as a means of restoring the dialogue between Moscow and Washington, is a significant event on its own.

“I believe that the most important thing will be the meeting itself, because since Trump was elected the two never really had a chance to sit down and discuss issues in detail”, Pavel Salin, Director of the Center for Political Studies at the Financial University  told the Inforos News Agency. “Both parties need to update their agendas and agree on direct communication channels in order to avoid difficult situations that can easily arise. Like at the beginning of April, when there was real risk of an open military conflict in Syria. That is why, the meeting itself is most important, though the leaders are going to discuss a wide range of questions.

Pavel Salin also noted that “Mr. Trump needs to achieve specific results, so probably there will be some movement in tactical issues. The US President seeks the reaction from his home audience in the first place, is his internal audience and public reaction, and these days, in the lead-up to the Congress elections this autumn it is twice as important”.  

Alexei Zudin, Advisory board member at the Institute of Socio-Economic and Political Studies (ISEPS), emphasized that “the key thing would be the direct meeting as such. This is crucial. President Vladimir Putin, during his conversation with the US National Security Advisor John Bolton, shared his vision on the current state of the Russia-US relations. Considering that the two presidents would meet and hold talks when bilateral relations are at their low, their meeting is a major positive sign. And after Mr. Trump, despite all the agreements, disclosed the place where the summit is supposed to be held, there is no doubt that the future meeting already starts to produce a positive impact on the relationship between the US and Russia, and the world at large. Bolton has intentionally specified that the sanctions regime against Russia remains in place and that it wasn’t discussed during his talks with President Putin. The reason for that is – Russia takes a critical view on this issue and doesn’t discuss the sanctions with its Western counterparts. The principle behind it is that Russia didn’t start this sanctions war, so it is not for Russia to kick off the discussion. Second, the US President’s freedom of maneuver is restrained by the internal political situation in his country. But the fact that Trump decided to hold a meeting with the Russian President shows that he believes his positions have become strong enough to make it happen”.

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