Poland is not ready to forgive Ukraine for "Volyn Massacre" / News / News agency Inforos
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Poland is not ready to forgive Ukraine for "Volyn Massacre"

Ukrainian nationalists continue to glorify the bloody deeds of their predecessors during the Second World War...

Poland is not ready to forgive Ukraine for "Volyn Massacre"

A few days ago the conference "Ukraine and Poland: from the Cold World to the Development of the Future" was held in Kiev with the participation of experts from both countries. The conference was timed to the 75th anniversary of the tragic events, which in the history received the name "Volyn Massacre".

During the Second World War, the militants of the Organization of Ukranian Nationalists - the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (the OUN-UPA, an extremist organization banned in the Russia), led by Roman Shukhevich and Stepan Bandera, devastated dozens of Polish cities and villages in Volhynia, mercilessly killing children, women and the elderly. The exact number of victims is still unknown. According to historians, from 30 to 80 thousand Poles were brutally killed and tortured by Ukrainian nationalists.

Meanwhile, Ukraine and Poland are fundamentally at variance in the assessments of what happened. Parliament of Poland qualifies the "Volyn Massacre" as a genocide of the Polish population. However, the Ukrainian government has made the OUN-UPA ideologists and militants to heroes. Ukrainian authorities organizes rallies of thousands with portraits of nationalist leaders, members of the government open them monuments. Several years ago, President Petro Poroshenko declared the day of the formation of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army a public holiday. Later, the Ukrainian leader even appropriated the status of "fighters for independence" to militants who rampaged through during the Second World War.

That is why the conference that took place recently ended in the expected failure. Polish experts demanded from their Ukrainian colleagues to stop the glorification of the OUN-UPA militants. In turn, Ukrainian political scientists referred to the "difficult political situation" in the country, urging the Poles to further dialogue and historical reconciliation. However, Poland categorically refuses to forgive the Ukrainian nationalists the atrocities of them predecessors.

"In six months I will be 95 years old. But I remember everything as if it were yesterday. It so affected me. My aunt worked in school during the war. They entered the room to my aunt and cut her throat. I'm trained as a psychologist. But it's hard for me to understand. All the wells were crammed with corpses of adults and children", Pani Irena Kotovich said.

Polish expert Jan Rudinsky shudder to remembers what his parents once told him: "The UPA militants nailed the children to the doors of the barn and wrote "The Polish Eagle". This is one example. Or they cut the belly of a pregnant woman, pulled out a child and fed them a pig".

What the present generation of Poles feels is understandable to everyone except the modern Ukrainian radicals. They continue to glorify Bandera, Shukhevych, Klyachkivsky and other "thugs". In these conditions no one can count on the historical reconciliation of the Polish and Ukrainian peoples.

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