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Al-Qaeda Threatening Europe

with new terrorist attacks

Al-Qaeda Threatening Europe
The Al-Qaeda terrorist network has delivered an ultimatum to the European countries that have military contingents in Iraq.

A declaration posted by Al-Qaeda at one of the extremist sites in the Internet states that if the troops are not withdrawn from Iraq within one month, new terrorist attacks would be made against European countries.

"This message is the last one we are sending to European countries. We give you one month's time to withdraw your troops from the Land of Mesopotamia", says the message signed by the group "Brigades of Abu Hafs al-Masri", one of Al-Qaeda's branches.

The text emphasizes that on the expiry of the ultimatum on August 15, "no new warnings will be made, but actions will be taken in the heart of Europe. It will be a bloody war in the service of God. We address this message to the crusaders who are still present in Iraq: namely, Denmark, the Nederland, Great Britain, Italy and other countries whose soldiers continue to trample on Iraq soil".
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