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Who Supports Nazi in Ukraine

Speaker of the House praise of Hitler leaves western media unperturbed

Who Supports Nazi in Ukraine

On September 4, the Chairman of Ukraine’s Parliament (Verkhovna Rada) Andriy Parubiy’s intimated that Adolf Hitler was “the torchbearer of democracy”.

His statement was broadcast on Ukraine’s ICTV channel. Parubiy described Adolf Hitler as a true proponent of democracy claiming that the Führer  “practiced direct democracy in the 1930s.” (Tass, September 5, 2018).

“I’m a major supporter of direct democracy,… By the way, I tell you that the biggest man, who practiced a direct democracy, was Adolf Aloizovich [Hitler]”. (quoted by South Front)

This controversial statement was not picked up by the Western press.  Not a single US, Canadian or EU News media took the trouble to cover the story.

Why? Because the Kiev regime (including its Armed Forces and National Guard) is integrated by Nazi elements which are supported by the US and its allies. Parubiy has been given red carpet treatment by Western governments. He is casually portrayed as a right wing politician rather than an avowed neo-Nazi.

Embarrassment or Denial? The US Congress, Canada’s Parliament, the British Parliament, European Parliament, have invited and praised M. Parubiy.

“At a packed meeting in the Senate, the Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal asked organizers whether it was appropriate for Congress and the American Foreign Policy Society to be coddling the founder of two neo-Nazi parties. The response his questions elicited ranged from bizarre to deeply troubling.”

The Opposition Bloc faction in Ukraine’s parliament, the Verkhovna Rada, has demanded public condemnation as well as the resignation of the Chairman of the Rada Andriy Parubiy..

Who is Andriy Parubiy? Why Do Western Politicians Love Him? 

Parubiy founded in 1991 the Social-National Party of Ukraine (subsequently renamed Svoboda [Freedom], together with Oleh Tyahnybok (image below), who currently heads the Svoboda party. The name Social-National Party was chosen with a view to replicating the name of Hitler’s Nazi (National Socialist) party. Parubiy was ‘Commandant’ of the volunteer rebel forces together with Dmytro Yarosh  (head of the Right Sector) and Oleh Tyanhnybok (image above). These neo-Nazi insurgent forces were involved in the ‘Euromaidan’ coup d’Etat in early 2014, which led to the overthrow of president Viktor Yanukovych. All three neo-Nazi leaders are followers of Ukraine’s Nazi Stepan Bandera (see image below), who collaborated in the mass murder of Jews and Poles during World War II.

Confirmed by [former] Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, key organizations in the Ukraine including the Neo-Nazi party Svoboda were generously supported by Washington: “We have invested more than 5 billion dollars to help Ukraine to achieve these and other goals. … We will continue to promote Ukraine to the future it deserves.”

The Western media has casually avoided to analyze the composition and ideological underpinnings of the government coalition. The word “Neo-Nazi” is a taboo. It has been excluded from the dictionary of mainstream media commentary. It will not appear in the pages of the New York Times, the Washington Post or The Independent. Journalists have been instructed not to use the term “Neo-Nazi” to designate Svoboda and the Right Sector.  

In 2014 Andriy Parubiy was appointed (by the Kiev government) Secretary of the National Security and National Defense Committee (RNBOU). (Рада національної безпеки і оборони України), a key position which overseas the Ministry of Defense, the Armed Forces, Law Enforcement, National Security and Intelligence. While he was dismissed a few months later (August 2014), Parubiy together with Dmytro Yarosh  played a key role in shaping Ukraine’s National Guard as a Nazi Force using Nazi insignia. Despite his dismissal by Poroshenko he continues to exert influence in military and intelligence affairs.  As Chairman of the Parliament (Verkhovna Rada) Parubiy is entitled (ex officio) to attend all meetings of the RNBOU.

The Azov National Guard

While the media failed to cover Parubiy’s statement concerning Adolph Hitler’s commitment to democracy,  they nonetheless have expressed “concern” regarding the influx of US, Canadian military aid, which might fall in the wrong hands, according to Canada’s National Post.  

Fake News Coverup of America’s Neo-Nazi Ally. Lies through omission.

According to a New York Times March 2014 report published in the immediate wake of the Maidan coup: “The United States and the European Union have embraced the revolution here [Ukraine] as another flowering of democracy, … .”  The grim realities are otherwise. What is at stake is the unbending US-EU-NATO support of Neo-Nazism in Ukraine.

The original source of this article is Global Research

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