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Nazis can be proud of Ukrainian servicemen

For four and a half years, the Armed Forces of Ukraine (ZSU) has committed countless crimes against the civilian population of Donbass...

Nazis can be proud of Ukrainian servicemen

The Russian Investigative Committee filed criminal charges against the ZSU servicemen, involved in the shelling of civilians in the village of Sakhanka in the Donetsk People's Republic. The incident occurred on September 23, when, using a drones, Ukrainian servicemen dropped a cluster munitions on the town.

Meanwhile, such a case only complements the series of crimes committed by Ukrainian servicemen and militants of volunteer battalions against civilians. So, back in October 2015, the press secretary of the military command of the  DNR, Eduard Basurin, accused the APU of violating the norms of international humanitarian law. The Ukrainian security forces forcibly evicted 24 people from their home, having occupied a number of settlements in the Donbass. Residents also complained of looting. Later, these facts were confirmed by the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine.

The book by Russian political scientist, member of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation Maxim Grigoriev details the crimes of Ukrainian servicemen against women, children and elderly people living in Donbass. Torture, mockery and murder committed by the ZSU soldiers are reminiscent of Nazi crimes described in the Nuremberg Tribunal documents.

"I was arrested by the National Guard servicemen and taken to the airport in Mariupol. They beat me in the stomach, on the feet and shoulders. Then they made me take some pills, they gave me a shot. I felt sick, everything just goes white. What was later, I do not remember - I woke up in the refrigerator of one of the morgues", the injured Pavel Sikorsky said.

The scale of crimes of the ZSU servicemen is so great that even some Ukrainian human rights activists consider criminals those that President Petro Poroshenko calls heroes. For example, the representative of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union, Andrei Gladun, told journalists about mass repression against civilians of Donbass committed by Ukrainian servicemen and militants volunteer battalions.

"The most widespread crime was the mass arrests of residents of the DNR and the LNR on unfounded and frankly contrived charges, with subsequent many days of interrogation, torture and beatings. Some of the prisoners were used by servicemen as a "human shield" on the front line", the Ukrainian human rights activist said.

The innumerable atrocities of Ukrainian servicemen have long turned them into loyal followers of the Nazis, who can be proud of their "disciples". However, the inglorious finale of the fascist regimes testifies to the inevitable just retribution for present Nazi criminals in Ukraine.

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