Number of people killed in bombings of US, its allies growing in Syria / News / News agency Inforos
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Number of people killed in bombings of US, its allies growing in Syria

Western non-governmental organization concealing the number of civilian casualties caused by action of the "Western coalition" in Syria and Iraq

Number of people killed in bombings of US, its allies growing in Syria

             Combat aviation of the "Western coalition" lead by the United States is heavily bombing Syrian populated communities killing civilians.

            According to Rami Abdulrahman, the head of the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, 22 civilians were killed in a bomb strike of the US Air Force on the Syrian village of al-Shaafa, eastern part of the Deir Ezzor governorate, in the early hours of November 12, 2018. There are nine children among those killed, and six bodies were not identified. All those killed are family members of fighters of the Islamic State (IS) that is on the UN list of banned international terrorist organizations.

            One of the doctors in that region said that 35 women and children were killed in the air strike on al-Shaafa and al-Kashmah on November 12. About 25 night air strikes were launched on these two villages, the doctor said. On November 8, the command of the Syrian Democratic Forces that are the core of the Western coalition's ground groups of forces announced it would continue active military actions against IS units in districts in eastern Deiz Ezzor province bordering Iraq. At the same time, the Syrian Democratic Forces have not yet started an offensive operation limiting themselves to heavy bombings and artillery strikes. According to Abdulrahman, 72 members of families of IS fighters have died in the coalition's strikes over the past week alone. He said that this is preliminary data and that the number of casualities many be many times higher.

            The "Western coalition" command said that 692 civilians were killed in an eight-month operation to liberate Iraq's Mosul. However, representatives of the Iraqi Red Crescent Society said that the number of causalities from the coalition's air and artillery strikes is about 100,000 people. The Iraqi government deliberately concealing civilian death toll, as it is interested in military assistance of the United States and western European countries. Iraq nevertheless understands that several million people fell victims of the ethnic hatred initiated by the aggressor after the United States invaded Iraq.

            Another example is Syria's Raqqah that IS leaders declared to be another capital of "Islamic Caliphate" and the last stronghold of a "true Islam." The "Western coalition" launched mass air artillery strikes during the four-month siege of the city. According to the humble estimates of the American command, about 60,000 civilians and several thousand militants had been in the city before the combat started. As a result of the lengthy siege and strikes, Raqqah, just as Iraq's Mosul, was ruined. And there was no instance of mass withdrawal of civilians from the combat zone during the siege...

            Journalists and human rights activists are still banned from visiting Raqqah. The city is controlled by Kurdish units of the Syrian Democratic Forces under the auspices of the Pentagon representatives who declared this region "a US influence zone." The city is now a devastated area covered by stinky smell of rotting flesh with some streets cleared of rumble. "The allies" do in fact nothing to rebuild the devastated city and prevent refugees who are now struggling in poverty 60 kilometers to the north of the city from coming home.

            In this situation it is surprising but at the same time arouses indignation that human rights and other non-governmental organizations of the West keep silent about causalities among civilians caused by actions of the "Western coalition" in Syria and Iraq and that they don't want to know precise information about the disastrous situation in a number of barbarically destroyed cities and populated communities. Moreover, advocates of international law and democracy all the time turn a blind eye on the use of banned munitions – cluster and incendiary (phosphorous) bombs – by the US aviation despite video materials that the whole world has seen! The Americans stick to their tradition and blatantly deny all accusations and warnings despite obvious facts.

            It seems that time to publish information about all crimes of the "Western coalition" has yet to come. But memory cannot be cleared in an instant, and people will for a long time keep remembering many-year tragedy and will tell the truth from lawlessness and will tell the level of involvement of warring parties in crimes against humanity.

            It is civilians, mainly women and children, who suffer the most during wars. "You can't make an omelet without breaking eggs"...

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