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Brexit means UK internal problems

Brexit means UK internal problems

The political system of the United Kingdom, which is considered one of the leading democratic countries in Europe, is almost paralyzed due to the inability of the country's leadership to agree on Brexit.

However, Britain's Theresa May has almost made up a deal with the European Union.

Actually, London is now choosing between the lesser of two evils.

The first option is to withdraw from the EU according to the agreements May has already made with Brussels, taking establishing the free trade zone into account. But severe contradictions in Britain's society and political circles make it hard to accept.

The second option is the so-called "hard Brexit" with no conditions and agreements supported by a large number of British politicians. It implies leaving the EU not settling the customs and trade regimes with Brussels. However, this scenario is dangerous for the UK and the EU, as it threatens the both sides with at least an economic recession.

In addition, in order to maintain the liberal customs and border regime of Northern Ireland, part of the United Kingdom, with the Republic of Ireland, the Great Britain has to remain part of the EU Customs Union. At the same time, leaving this body is one of the main points of Brexit opposed by the majority of British politicians. In fact, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland may get a real state border with border control and customs in the near future, which is likely to encourage the people living there to do their best to get out of the United Kingdom. Moreover, the idea to remain in the European Union is on the rise in Scotland now. People want to stay with the EU even if it needs to leave the United Kingdom.

This means that London risks losing not only economic stability, but also half of the state territory. The hard decision on the country’s future is to be made and agreed with Brussels within the next ten weeks.

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