Putin’s visit to Serbia is event of utmost importance — Serbian president’s administration / News / News agency Inforos
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Putin’s visit to Serbia is event of utmost importance — Serbian president’s administration

Putin’s visit to Serbia is event of utmost importance — Serbian president’s administration

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to Belgrade is a very important event for Serbia, said Nikola Selakovic, Secretary General of the President of the Republic of Serbia, on national TV live, TASS reported.

"It is an event of utmost importance for Serbia, the most important since the start of the year and, most probably, for the upcoming period. The president of the Russian Federation - a country that has a clear and principled position on Serbia, strategic partnership and great friendship with our country - is coming to Serbia. President Putin is the embodiment of this Russian position toward us, so not just state structures, but all Serbian citizens are gladly waiting for our guest," Selakovic said, adding that the meeting will be organized as solemnly as possible.

"Russia’s position, President Putin’s position, especially at international forums, is one of the most important supports for the Serbian foreign policy, including on the issue of Kosovo and Metohija," he reiterated.

The package of documents that will be signed during the visit "is truly impressive," he said. "I should stress agreements in the sphere of energy industry, especially gas supplies and the construction of gas infrastructure, cooperation with the Russian Railways, two agreements in the sphere of education between Russian and Serbian universities and a great number of agreements in digital economy and innovations," Selakovic said.

All distinguished Serbian public and cultural figures will attend a ceremonial dinner in Putin’s honor, Selakovic said. "There will be filmmaker Emir Kusturica, actor Milos Bikovic, former president Tomislav Nikolic, actress Ivana Zigon, Nikolai Mukhin, who is the first artist and creator of the fantastic mosaic of the Church of Saint Sava and many others who consolidated the ties of friendship between Russia and Serbia by their activity," the secretary general of the Serbian president said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin will officially visit Serbia on Thursday. The Kremlin press service reported that during negotiations with Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic in Belgrade there are plans to discuss the current state and the prospects of the further development of bilateral trade-economic relations and share positions on the current regional issues. Among the other issues are the extension of the TurkStream pipeline to Serbia, as well as the situation regarding unrecognized Kosovo. It will be Vladimir Putin’s fourth visit to Belgrade - he came to Serbia twice as president and once as prime minister.


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