Chechnya: Gunmen's Field Doctor Apprehended / News / News agency Inforos
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Chechnya: Gunmen's Field Doctor Apprehended

An active member of illegal armed formations who served as a field doctor in gunmen's detachments has been apprehended in Daghestan.

Husi Djabrailov, alias "Doctor Sharif", was detained at the village of Chontaul of the Kizil-Yurt District by CID operatives in conjunction with a mobile team of the Russian Interior Ministry.

According to the law-enforcement authorities, the detained man served from 1994 to 2000 as a field doctor in various gunmen's detachments. He also took part in combat operations against the federal forces and had a stint at the training camp run by international terrorist Khattab in the vicinity of the village of Serzhen-Yurt in Chechnya.
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