Hunt-down for Bandits in Daghestan / News / News agency Inforos
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Hunt-down for Bandits in Daghestan

A special operation is underway in Daghestan to liquidate a group of gunmen who machine-gunned a vehicle transporting militiamen. Two militia officers were killed and one wounded in the attack. A source in the republican law-enforcement authority says that the militia detachments are trying to block up the armed group in a tunnel connecting two districts of the republic.

District militia head Hajimourat Azizov and another unnamed officer were killed in the exchange of fire. The third militiaman has been hospitalized with firearm wounds. According to the source, the gunmen were four in number, and they managed to escape. Militia detachments have been combing the terrain, and reinforcements have been called up from the republican capital of Makhachkala and the neighboring districts. Additional special force units are being transported to the operation area.
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