Utrecht shooting may be response to NZ terrorist attack / News / News agency Inforos
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Utrecht shooting may be response to NZ terrorist attack

Three people have been killed and at least nine have been injured after a shooting in the Dutch city of Utrecht

Utrecht shooting may be response to NZ terrorist attack

According to the Colonel of the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation, a veteran of the Vympel special forces unit and crisis situations expert Lev Korolkov, "the fact that these two attacks occurred simultaneously, suggests that terrorist activity is reviving around the world.

Once there was a lull, and the intelligence agencies of Western Europe concerted to block certain activities of radical cells of the Caliphate in Europe. But we have never seen this happen, and all terrorist attacks of this kind are now perceived as a mass phenomenon rather than separate acts. And this is becoming increasingly dangerous for Europe, because there terrorist attacks are more resonant than in a quiet country like New Zealand."

According to the expert, "both of these attacks should be considered as a triggering phenomenon, and now there is a possibility of a terrorist attack chain - an attack induces revenge, then there is another attack and another act of revenge. For the time being, despite all their efforts, the law enforcement and intelligence agencies will fail to avert such acts in different countries of the world.

And I think that we can safely wait for new terrorist attacks in Europe, mainly because the militants mainly moved to Europe after ISIL was forced out of the Middle East. And the Utrecht attack can be considered a response to the terrorist attack in New Zealand because mass immigration to Europe is a highly explosive mixture."

Lev Korolkov stressed that "terrorist attacks will continue to take place in various places, and inactivity does not amount to a hill of beans. These attacks will take various forms and will keep happening no matter how many people are killed.

In this respect we have to recall the terrorist attacks in Paris with a great many victims and even terrorist attacks in Helsinki, a rather quiet country where there was a single knife assault. And all these attacks will merge into a single malignant process."

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