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Bird Flu: There Is a Remedy

Bird Flu: There Is a Remedy
During the day a number of news agencies reported that there appeared a real possibility to save the world from the epidemic of bird flu. Several research centers in Russia and other countries announced that they had a vaccine for that fatal disease.

Thus, the All-Russian Veterinary Research Institute of Aviculture (ARVRIA) situated in the Leningrad Region has developed laboratory samples of vaccine for the highly pathogenic strains of bird flu H5 and H7. "A pilot batch of the vaccine developed in conjunction with the All-Russian Research Institute of Influenza may be produced already by the end of this year, but we need 3-4 million Rubles to do that", says Director of the Institute Edward Javadov.

The ITAR-TASS News Agency reports that more than 30 years ago the ARVRIA was doing some secret research into vaccines for bird flue. In 1976-78 a remedy was developed and successfully tested at several poultry farms in the Moscow Region and Kazakhstan. However, at that time the disease was not considered fatal, and the researches into the problem were put on ice.

Also the RIA "Novosti" News Agency reports that vaccine for bird flu was developed in Russia in May 2005. At present the researchers are getting ready to test it, says Oleg Kiseliov, Director of the Influenza Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. "The Influenza Institute has several approved strains of vaccine for bird flu. Actually, we have the vaccine since May this year. Only, it has to be tested", says O. Kiseliov.

"The vaccine will be tested on 20 volunteers, the tests will begin in November this year. By December we propose to finish the tests. By March 2006, if the tests prove successful, we shall put the first batch of the vaccine on the market", says the Director of the Influenza Institute.

Russian Head Sanitary Inspector Guennadi Onishchenko joins the discussion. He disclaims the researchers' reports of their readiness to test the vaccine on man already this year. Work on the pilot batch of the vaccine for H5N1 from the human strain excreted in China will begin only in October. The strain "will be tested on volunteers, we shall study its immunogenicity, we shall study its other properties, which we always do in these cases", says Russia's Head Sanitary Inspector.

Commenting on the news from the Leningrad Region, G. Onishchenko told journalists that at present there are "certain prototypes of vaccine" in the country. "For us the proof of the vaccine is in its successful testing and industrial production", noted the Head Sanitary Inspector.

A successful solution of the problem was also reported by Hungarian scientists, who confirmed the effectiveness of the vaccine developed in that country. In particular, Hungarian State Secretary for Health, Eno Rach, said that the vaccine is "100 percent effective".

The Hungarians' confidence is based on the fact that the effectiveness of the vaccine has been tested for three weeks on volunteers. The preparation is coming on stream shortly.

The Hungarian vaccine is intended for fighting, first of all, against the "Asiatic" variety of bird flue that is dangerous to man. Its development cost Hungary about 4 million Euros.
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